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Volume 1 - 2007

 The first Edition of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDIATION was published in April 2007.  The Journal was created to serve a high level of experience in the national dispute resolution community.  Copies of the Journal can be obtained by contacting the administrative office (Acctm@Acctm.Org).

The following articles submitted by College Fellows** were selected for publication:

The Case For Mediated Case Management
Author:  Lawrence M. Watson, Jr., Founding Fellow Emeritus, Maitland, FL
The Case for Mediated Case Management

Formal Mediation In Professional Sports
Author:  Rodney A. Max, Fellow, Birmingham, AL
            Joshua J. Campbell, Birmingham, AL
Formal Mediation in Professional Sports

Disaster Mediation - Lessons In Conflict Coordination
Author:  Melvin A. Rubin, Fellow, Coral Gables, FL
Disaster Mediation - Lessons in Conflict Coordination

The following articles submitted by Law Students were selected for publication:

University of Memphis
Rachael recently graduated from the University of Memphis School of Law.  She is currently living in Tokyo, Japan, with her husband and is expecting her first child.  She plans to practice law upon her return to the United States in 2008.
 Defining Good Faith Participation in Mediation

Samford University
Student Author:    JOSHUA J. CAMPBELL
Fellow Author:       RODNEY A. MAX
Josh is a third-year law student who clerked last summer (2006) at the law offices of Jackson  Schiavone and Thomas A. Nash, Jr., PC, both respected Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation firms in Savannah, Georgia.  While in law school he has worked with the Georgia Innocence Project.  Before attending law school he was a hill staff intern for Saxby Chambliss, the current U.S. Senator from Georgia, and worked at Silvis, Ambrose & Lindquist, PC, in Thomasville, Georgia, as a personal assistant to Doug Silvis, the 4th Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  Josh played three years of division I varsity tennis while in college, has been involved in Habitat for Humanity, community service teams in Hawaii, and has studied abroad in Israel.
 Formal Mediation in Professional Sports

The Ohio State University
Student Author:     MICHELLE ROBINSON
Michelle Robinson works at the law firm of Bailey Cavalieri LLC in Columbus, Ohio.  She received her law degree from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.  In 2005, Michelle served as a volunteer mediator for the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Ohio.  She would like to thank her family and Professor Sarah Rudolph Cole for their encouragement and support.
 Mediator Certification Realizing Its Potentials

Student Author:    BRIAN LEVIN
Brian Levin is now an attorney at the Miami firm of Gilbride, Heller & Brown, practicing in the areas of securities, professional liability and other complex commercial litigation.
 Protecting The Goal of Mediation

Student Author:     ERIC LAUFGRABEN
B.A., cum laude, Columbia, 2000; J.D., Michigan, December 2004.  Eric is currently an associate in the litigation department of Dewey Ballantine LLP in New York.  The remarks, written while Mr. Laufgraben attended the University of Michigan Law school, represent the views of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dewey Ballantine or any of its clients.
 Protecting Mediation Communications in Federal Courts

Student Author:     STEPHEN HIGGS
Stephen Higgs is now an attorney at the law firm of Perkins Coie LLP.  He is based in Portland, Oregon, and practicing in areas of environmental and natural resource law.  Stephen recently completed a Fulbright Fellowship in New Zeland where he studied the court-annexed mediation program of the New Zealand Environment Court.
 The Potential For Mediation to Resolve Environmental And Natural Resources Disputes

**Each Fellow of the College maintains an individual profile which can be located within the Member Directory for the American College of Civil Trial Mediators at:  www.Acctm.Org.

There are currently no additional copies of the 1st Edition available for distribution.

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